About Dawid Majgat
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About Me

Republic Y , Majgat , Tel-Aviv
Republic Y, Majgat, Monster, republicy
Republic Y, Majgat, Monster, republicy

He¥ ! My name is Dawid Majgat.
I’m a  monster maker and worshipper of organic hand gestures, expression, colour and form as an international language. I create projects characterized by their absurdity, alluding to everyday life, the present and the past, pop-culture, folk-culture, video games, cartoons and tribalism
I do paintings, designs, illustrations, videos and rap music.
I’m an artist from poland and i took some masters degree in graphic design and printmaking,  specialising in lithography, under the supervision of Prof. Piotr Gojowy and Dr. Tomasz Barczyk at the Faculty of Fine Art in Toruń,. Thats when i created artistic duo „Zdziczest and Gniewosądka” and „Rybnysklep” with Kamila Gołębiewska whit which i got my first exhibitions and shows. I was awarded the Tymon Niesiołowski medal for the best artistic Master’s diploma of 2015 for my project “Ebola River Flows”. From 2015 I lived in Warsaw spending time very activelly on creating new artistic projects like doing 7 individuall exhibitions or creating murals around the Poland. In 2016 i created Republic ¥ an artistic concept of country, civilization full of funny monsters. In 2017 together with Guido Boelman i started traveling abroad doing live painting shows and street art in Europe and USA. From 2019 I based myself in Denmark, Copenhagen.
to be continued…

I had a pleasure to work with brands like:


Real McCoy rum / Gin Mare / Don Papa rum / Google / KukBuk magasine/ Tel-Aviv Urban Food by Malka (Poland) / Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurant / Two Schmucks (Barcelona) / Feijoa (Amsterdam) / Branie (Amsterdam) / Mito Caya (Chicago) / Flesk Brewery (Chicago) / Into the Great Wide Open Festival / Noah (Rotterdam) / Suicide Club (Rotterdam) / Sack Bar (London) / Lockside Camden (London) / Stillwater (London) / the Devil’s Darling (London) / Kester Thomas (Copenhagen) / Lumann (Gdańsk)

Contact Me:

Dawid Majgat


+45 93880538

individual exhibitions:
2019, Republic Y”, Kester Thomas, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018, „Republic Y”, Lumman, Gdańsk, Poland
2017, „Republic Y”, Galeria Baszta, Zbąszyń, Poland
2017, „Supreme Y”, Pies czy Suka, Warszawa, Poland
2017, „Classic Y”, Między Nami, Warszawa, Poland
2017, „Gold’n’Fish”, Mito, Warszawa, Poland
2016, „Ebola River Flows”, Lumann, Gdańsk, Poland
2016, „Food is Good”, Sztuka Wyboru, Gdańsk, Poland
2016, „Femiflower”, Wawa Bla Bla, Warszawa, Poland
2015, „Ebola River Flows”, Galeria Dworzec Zachodni, Toruń, Poland
2014, „Zdziczest i Gniewosądka: Brudne Ręce”, Lumann, Gdańsk, Poland
2014, „Zdziczest i Gniewosądka: Brudne Ręce”, Galeria Dworzec Zachodni, Toruń, Poland
2013, „Zdziczest i Gniewosądka: Łowcy Tożsamości”, Sopot, Zatoka Sztuki, Poland
2013, „Zdziczest i Gniewosądka: Łowcy Tożsamośći”, Kulturhauz, Toruń, Poland

group exhibitions:
2016, Najlepsze dyplomy WSZP, Toruń, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej
2015, Toruńska Grafika Warsztatowa, Kalisz, Dom Kultury w Kaliszu
2015, Pracownia Litografii, Toruń, Dom Muz
2015, Drugie życie książki II, Toruń, Dom Muz
2014, Międzynarodowe Trienalle rysunku Katowice 2014, Kraków
2014, Drugie życie książki I, Toruń, Podmurna 95