Monolith - Dawid Majgat
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Monolith is my own technique, which I developed by studying traditionall litography in Fine Art faculty, University of Nikolaus Copernicus in Toruń, Poland.

I was inspired by Pantone palette of Colours, to create my own line of colours, by using litography printmaking and mixing print ink like a painter, before every unique print. Thats why i could get the line of minimalistic line of litographic prints with unique texture, gradation, transparency, saturation and litographic effects on each.

In the next step im using these printed palette of colours as a collage, by cutting little peace by peace of paper and pasting it on canvas or high quality papers, which creates a kind of mosaic  effect.
So the last is a painting, but even every print is like a new painting, it came from printmaking that’s why i decide to call it monolith, as a suggestion to stone and monotype.